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If you have any questions regarding a marriage license, please call Maricopa County Superior Court at Show All Answers Q: When is my court date? A: The initial court date and time that you must appear is written on the bottom of your citation. Q: What if I cannot appear on my court date? A: If you have been cited for a civil traffic violation, you may pay your fine through the mail or over the phone with a credit card prior to your court date or pay online.

Q: If I have to pay a fine, when do I need to pay it? If you are unable to pay in full, you may apply for a payment plan and you may be subject to a credit check to determine your ability to pay.

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Q: What happens if I do not pay? A: If you do not pay your financial obligation to the Court, notification may be sent to MVD to place a suspension on your driving privileges if you are not licensed in Arizona, it may extend to the state in which you are licensed , a hold may be placed on your vehicle registration that will not allow you to renew it, you may be referred to FARE, a collection agency resulting in additional fees.


You may obtain a copy or certified copy of a marriage license at any of the Clerk's Office. Filing Depository Boxes · Out-of-County Filing · Appeals Marriage Licenses · Passports · Process Servers Clerk's Corner · Address Change · Minute Entry.

A: No. If you have any questions regarding a divorce, please contact Maricopa County Superior Court at Live Edit Close. Some of us offer complimentary expedited service.

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Your county marriage license allows any judge or duly ordained minister to officiate your wedding ceremony. All county marriage licenses must be signed by the couple, two witnesses age 18 or over, and the officiating minister. We have many years of experience helping couples be married in Arizona. Please call anytime between a.

How to Obtain a Marriage License in Arizona

Arizona time as our office phone rings at home all hours for ministry emergencies. Cases filed before may be held by Arizona State Archives. For cases filed within 16 years check with the Arizona Supreme Court. Cases filed more than 16 years ago may be held by Arizona State Archives. For transactions involving personal property, not real property contact the Office of the Secretary of State.

Liens may be filed with the Arizona County Recorder's Office in the county where the property is located. Liens may also be filed with the Arizona Superior Court in the county in which the lien was filed.

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Contact the County Recorders Office for the county in which the property is located. Trade names are filed in several places. For small businesses check with the Commerce Authorit y. Some records may be held at the Arizona State Archives.

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Skip to main content. Accessing Arizona Public Records Public Records Requests should be made directly to the agency where the records reside. Personal Records Personal records are covered by statute and are under restricted access.

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Court Records County Superior Court records that are 50 years and older are required under statute to be transferred to the State Archives. Business Records The state archives does not have an extensive collection of business records.

Arizona Marriage License Guidance AZ Sup Court Wedding Info

Background Checks Contact your local police department. Naturalizations granted by municipal, county, or state courts prior to Arizona State Archives Naturalizations granted by Federal courts after National Archives and Records Administration Police Records Police records reside in the city or town where the offense occurred.